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Twin Oak Arabians
Moving a Leg!!

This is a  TEACH ME Page!  Here you can learn how to move a model horse's leg!

Musculature of the Horse
Click on the picture for a better view!

  When you are cutting into a model (lets say you are going to move an entire leg) first you need to consider the muscling in the shoulder.  Will it be correctly positioned once you move the leg in the direction you want to move it?  If not, you can either think of another way to move the leg or you can cut around the shoulder (cut so you are kind of outlining it as if you were going to lift it up and have a complete shoulder with the leg attached).  Of course, you need to leave at least a 1/4 of an inch attached at the top so that you don't have to completely reattach the whole thing-that's a PAIN!-  Then you would heat the model up-careful don't hold the heat gun in place too long or the plastic will bubble and that is a Mess!--and gently move the shoulder into the desired position.  After that, you would work your way down the leg and position the model as desired.  If you cut into the leg on the side of the joint that you want to move away from, then you are much better off.  Of course, you will need to leave at least some plastic attached in the direction you are moving the leg because again, attaching a whole piece of anything is a PAIN!

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