Adlai “Ornament of God”

Origin of name: Aramaic, Hebrew

Pronunciation: AD-lay/AD-lie

Traditional Scale Arabian Gelding
Limited Edition 1 or 2 mold run

~Will cast as many copies as mold(s) will allow. I reserve the right to release him in other mediums or in other resin versions if I so desire. Customizing is allowed, but no derivative work can be recast in part or whole in any form.


Hollow Cast with wire reinforcement in legs/mane/tail

Original Design Stands without base




   Freeze on shipping has lifted and early paid in full orders are starting to ship.  I am currently waiting on the first set of 6 sculptures for which extra sculpting was requested.  Once I receive them, I will begin the extra sculpting work.  I will contact customers directly as their orders are completed.


   Base was shipped to caster as planned.  Currently waiting on update from caster so that freeze on shipping can be lifted.



   Heat during shipping can possibly cause slight tail movement thus effecting the ability of the sculpture to stand properly.  Therefore, I am now going to freeze shipping until the new base castings are complete and able to ship with the horse.  As of 7-21-15 the original sculpture for the base is nearly complete and I plan to ship to the casting company no later than 7-25-15.


  If you have already received your sculpture without the base, I am happy to ship you a version of the new base (once available) which will slide onto your sculpture.  All future sculptures produced will have metal rods coming out of the hooves which allow the sculpture to lock into the base and be removed as needed for painting.








Unpainted Unprepped Adlai Park Trot Arabian Gelding Sculpture

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If additional resculpting is requested, then this will influence the shipping time regardless if paid in full.

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OPTIONAL regardless of Order Type
Enhanced Sculpted Detail in the mane and tail + partial prep
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Shipping time will be increased accordingly if this option is selected.
Adlai Enhanced M&T, Partial Pr



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